Quicken linking only 6 out of 7 Chase accounts

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One (or more, don't remember) of my Chase accounts wasn't syncing and showed that I needed to reconnect. I've done this many times, have already updated all my Chase connections recently. But not a big deal, I went through the connect/auth process. On the Chase auth flow, it showed that all 7 of my Chase accounts are being shared. When I'm back in Quicken to link those accounts, only 6 are in the list. The missing one is the main card I use for most of my transactions, so it is still not updated for a few days now. At the end of the process, it also tells me that Quicken Cloud is down.


  • Dave_P
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    Same here… it links one less than the number of accounts at Chase…

  • UKR
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    Just firing a shot into the dark here …
    Among the accounts that you are trying to connect, is there a Savings Account that hasn't had a real transaction (transfer in/out, other than just interest deposits) in many months? Banks tend to mark inactive savings accounts as "dormant" after a few months. This makes the account unavailable for downloads.
    Might this be what's upsetting things?

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