Creating a custom report (in Q Mac)

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Is it possible to crete a personlided report that would show the Buidgeted amount and the monthly Totals, for each catagory?.

The Category Summary by Month is great, if it only had the budgeted bamount included. Copy and Paste from the Budgets is okay but contains a lot more thgen I need.

Thanks ahead of time…


  • John_in_NC
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    If you go into the 12 month budget view, at the upper right you will have options to export to CSV (or clipboard) a report that sounds more like what you are looking for as it will show You would have to open it in a spreadsheet of your choice to custozime it further if needed.

  • jacsdad
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    I use that function but it pulls more informsation than I need. That is why I was hoping to be able to custome create my own report.

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