American Express Not Updating And WRONG!

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The other morning I had to go through the reauthorization loop with both mine and my wife's American Express credit card accounts. [Removed - language]. Now, for my account it is currently not pulling down any new transactions plus the balance is wrong. Either that or AMEX owes me some money and I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Now I need to go through my register and verify its transactions with a list of transactions from AMEX so I can find out where the difference is. I don't know if my wife's account has the same problem because her account currently has no new transactions and it matches AMEX's website. Your product is supposed to make it so I have less work to do, not MORE!!! I am very disappointed in this app.


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    I installed the latest version of Quicken last night and this morning saw a notice about AMEX accounts. The notification also goes on to say that if I don't reauthorize my accounts by 5/16 (I think that was the date) it will stop updating my AMEX accounts. Yeah, it apparently stopped updating my AMEX accounts last month. Also, for some reason it changed the starting balance of my AMEX credit card account from zero to something like $430.70. Why did it do that? Anyhow, since I don't trust Quicken to handle my AMEX accounts properly, I disabled Quicken's ability to download transactions which it wasn't doing anyway but I didn't want it to unexpectedly start again and screw up my accounts again. Will I reauthorize my AMEX accounts? Doubtful. Thanks for nothing, Quicken!
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    I received an email 2 days ago telling me that I needed to update my American Express connection. At first, I was able to get to the page where it would access my Credit Card account and I could select my card as the account to use for making the new connection to download my account data. But after the icon spun and spun, it would come back with a message, "Sorry, We've encountered an error. It's not your fault." I would then select the 'Try Again' option, but the same thing would happen; the icon would spin and spin, and then error out again. Since I only have till May 16 to get the connection updated with American Express, is Quicken going to have this issue fixed by then?
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    I don't know, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I ended up re-enabling my AMEX connections and, for the most part anyway, it seemed to be working. Notice I used the past tense. SEEMED. This morning while updating my AMEX card account in Quicken I noticed that AMEX's website is showing seven new transactions. One is still pending but there are six other transactions there that have cleared. Want to know how many of those six transactions it downloaded? How about ZERO!!! I have entered them all manually. Why doesn't Quicken consistently download transactions? Is the problem with Quicken or American Express? Really, I don't care who the problem lies with, I just want the program to work like it's supposed to. CONSISTENTLY!!! Or maybe I can start a new game. Will Quicken pull in the new transactions? Place your bets!!! Are all the bets in? Okay, the AMEX website shows there six new transactions. Let's update Quicken... and... it pulled in ZERO new transactions!!! So how many people said zero? Ridiculous!