Restored QDF - EWC+ accounts not updating via One Step Update after restoring

I did my usual morning Quicken updates. During the process, I mismatched two new securities and, after looking at things for a few minutes, decided that the simplest and most certain path forward was to restore from my overnight backup and redo the updates. Fortunately, I haven't had to do this often; however, it has always worked seamlessly. But Express WebConnect+ seems to have changed this.

I restored the data file, the synclog and the ofxlog from the overnight backup and then redid the one step update. Only the Direct Connect accounts got their updated transactions - nothing for the EWC+ accounts.

I then went account by account manually selecting "update transactions." This worked, and the missing transactions showed up in the download.

This is a cautionary note for other users, I think. When you restore from a backup, you may no longer get all the transactions you expect in a One Step update.
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