Why is Quicken skipping my monthly recurring payments?


Over the last few months, I have noticed that Quicken is skipping the current month recurring transactions so when I run "update now" it isn't matching anything because Quicken pushed the recurring transaction to the subsequent month. I have gone into Bill and Income Reminder, edited the "Edit this instance and all future instances" option, fixed the date to start in the current month and then it appears in Bill and Income reminders for the current month. I match like normal at that time and it enters my register. Unfortunately, next month when I select "Update now", Quicken will again skip the current month. I don't know what's going on here.


  • UKR
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    For these reminders, what are the definitions for

    • Due date:
    • How often: Monthly, etc.
    • Remind me [xx] days in advance or
      Auto enter [xx] days in advance … what is the [xx] number of days?

    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release (R xx.xx) of Quicken are you using?

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    I had a similiar situation. When I updated to Quicken Premier R45.15, a few of my current monthly recurring remainders were showing with the next month's date.

    I went to the Bill and Income Reminders screen and selected each affected reminder, I selected to "Edit this instance and all future instances". Guess what I found on the "Edit Bill Reminder" Window. I found all fields pointing to the curren month's values which included the "Due next on" date showing the current month. Whoa! I selected the "Done" Button for the affected reminder, and found that the reminder was now setup properly - showing the current month.

    I wonder if this situation is associated with users losing their budget figures?

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    Happens to me too. For at least last 4 months. I just upgraded (Quicken Deluxe) to R48.15, but there's no mention of scheduled transaction problems in the changelog. I keep going back in to the Bill & Income Reminders screen and edit this and future to fix each skipped transaction, but it happens again. My recurring paycheck is one that keeps getting skipped plus several monthly or even annual scheduled transactions.

  • raymond.j.lambert

    In response to UKR questions:

    The issue is with deposits - my paycheck to be exact.

    • Due date: The start on date is currently 4/20/23
    • How often: Monthly, etc. - a frequency of Every 2 weeks
    • Remind me [xx] days in advance or - 30 Days in advance
      Auto enter [xx] days in advance … what is the [xx] number of days? No auto enter. I enter it manually each paycheck as the paycheck net pay varies each time.

    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release (R xx.xx) of Quicken are you using? Deluxe Version Version R48.15

    Windows 11 Enterprise. Build

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    Try reducing the "[xx] days in advance" to 28 or less.
    I suspect that whatever calculation routines Quicken now uses to determine the date of the next instance runs off the rail when that number is greater than 28 (remember: February usually is only 28 days long). Haven't been able to get confirmation of that yet from other sources, but none of my reminders skip since I changed them to 28 days or less.

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