Manually Change Downloaded Status of a Transaction

I have a transaction in a checking account that is matched to a payment in a credit card account. In the checking account the transaction is set as downloaded, but the matching transaction in the credit card is not. Verified that the entry is in both accounts on line. Both accounts are reconciled.

How do I manually change the credit card transaction to downloaded?

I have read elsewhere that you drag one transaction form account to the other and then they will match, but when I do this it just creates another transaction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Jon
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    If you want to manually clear the red pencil icon just click on it and change the status to Reviewed.

    It's normal with a two-sided transaction like a credit card payment for one side to be downloaded before the other. If you pay with a check the payment could be credited to your credit card account before the check clears at the bank; if it's an electronic payment the money could be withdrawn from your checking account before the payment is credited to your card. I usually see a few days difference between those two actions.

    It's unusual to have to manually mark a transaction as downloaded after it's been reconciled but I have had to do it once or twice.

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    We need to clarify some terminology here. First question: Is this a transfer transaction, that is a single transaction that shows up in two accounts. You will recognize this by seeing Transfer:[accountname] in the category column and an entry in the Transfer column (if you have that column showing in the registers). This is not called "matched", which is a different concept.

    "Matched" refers to a downloaded transaction being automatically matched to a manually entered transction that is already in the register.

    The second terminology issue is the use of "set as downloaded". "Downloaded" is not status that can be set by the user. It is automatically set by Quicken. You can see this status if you turn on the Match Status column, which will be either blank (manually entered and not yet matched), Matched Automatically, Matched Manually, or Downloaded (was not matched to a manually entered transaction). I think in this case, you probably mean "Cleared" rather than "Matched". Cleared status is shown in the Clr column and can be an open box (not cleared or reconciled), a blue checkmark (cleared, which means the bank has cleared the transaction; can be set manually by you or automatically when a transaction is downloaded), or a green checkmark (reconciled).

    As Jon says, these are two separate accounts and what is downloaded in one may happen at a different time as the corresponding transaction in the other account. A transaction can be manually set to cleared (or not) by clicking the box in the Clr column. There is a way to force a green checkmark, but I'm not sure you'd want to do this in this case.

    The best way we can help you with this is if you would post screenshots of the transactions in each account, including the column headers in the screenshots and with the Match Status and Transfer columns enabled.

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