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I have been a Quicken user since about 1996…up until a few months ago I had always downloaded transactions from my bank via Web Connect with no problem. A couple of months (approx) I was told by Quicken to use One Step Update only within Quicken program…since that time I've been having issues with some transactions being cleared and/or reconciled more than once or not at all. As such, my bank accounts are not being reconciled on a timely basis. I have to select Finish Later and it will be another few days before account can be reconciled fully. Any information appreceiated. TIA


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    what version … Help —> About Quicken

    What bank ?
    I have found with certain banks or CC there is a timing issue of when the transactions become avail for download vs still Pending status vs included or not within the online balance vs ….

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    If Web Connect worked well for you, I would abandon One Step Update and switch back to Web Connect.

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