USAA reauthorization fail: RESOLVED


April 7, 2023 after 4 escalated trouble tickets on this issue over the ccourse of a month and still no resolution, I spoke with Diego at Quicken. My goal was to ask about some bizarre actions suggested by USAA, to find out if their suggestions make any sense, but Diego saw one of my trouble tickets and knew exactly what to do to fix my issue. It took a little bit of talking for me to understand that Diego was the first person in more than month to suggest something new to try.

Attached is a sequence of 8 steps that worked for me. It is somewhat complicated, and you definitely want to backup your file before doin any of this. Because steps 5 and 6 can be very hard to get right if you have several USAA accounts (I have 7, and I had to go back to my backup twice to get it right in the end).

What is different here is we didn't deactivate/reactivate as is typically recommended. Instead, we removed financial institution and account number information from the affected accounts in quicken, and then used the "add account" function to find and then re-link the desired accounts to the USAA accounts. Good Luck people, and THANKS, Diego!

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