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Thomas J in Arizona
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Why does the banking register have columns that are unavailable in the banking transaction report? Spcifically BALANCE, DEPOSIT, PAYEE, and PAYMENT, ARE MISSING FROM (I.E. UNAVAILABLE) TO A REPORT.

Below is the register column list screenprint, followed by the transaction report column list (had to make 2 screenprints to show them all)


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    The register's running Balance column is not available in any report from the Reports Menu.
    If you need a register report with Balance, create a Print Transactions report from the register's Actions gear icon (or press CTRL-P while the register view is open)

    Payee Name appears in the Description column in all reports.

    Separate register columns Deposit or Payment are combined, both in the register view and in reports in the Amount column where the actual amount is represented as either positive or negative number.
    In the register view you do not need to display all 3 columns. Choose which you'd prefer to use: Amount or (Deposit and Payment) and delete the other one(s)

  • Thomas J in Arizona

    Thank you for the explanation! So far I was able to complete all of my checking accounts using the Print Transactions from within the register. Luckily I was able to get Payee and Balance. Now moving on to my other account types…..

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