Quicken 2008 on new computer


Have been using version 2008 on a disk for many years. Installed again on new PC running Windows 11 and it wont transfer data properly form flash drive to new computer. Seems I had similar issue last time I got a new computer, but don't remember how I resoled the problem. I think there was a patch I had to down load?

I had a local company load 2008 version on new laptop because I no longer have a CD drive. Program looks fine but I get this message about QDF file. Also thought I'd read that 2008 won't work properly on Windows 11. [Removed - Profanity]

Any good solutions? This 2008 version works great and trying to stay away from these new subscription service and have to pay every year. If could buy new Quicken and not have to renew every year I would do that.

Thanks for advice


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