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When is Quicken going to integrate with the growing number of "micro-investing" platforms like M1.com or Acorns.com? These are great on-ramps to investing but tracking them in Quicken is missing. Without this support in Quicken, either I treat these accounts (they often include banking, credit card and investing) completely outside the rest of my financial world (this would be a HUGE drag) or I have to do a whole bunch of manual re-entry in order to see my financial picture in one view (i.e. Quicken). What's the holdup. It seems that integration was announced in March 22 (see

) and now it's a year later and there's no progress.


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    AFAIK, it's up to each brokerage, micro investing platform or whatever else comes out of the woodwork these days to set up the required hardware and software, in coordination with Intuit Inc. as the service provider. The brokerage needs to contact Intuit to get the paperwork started. That's the only way anything will happen.
    Suggest you contact upper level management at these firms to voice your concerns about lack of connectivity.

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