Subscription expired...Can't Run App

Hey Quicken, help me understand why you are holding my checkbook hostage when the subscription expires? The app should continue to operate minus certain features, yes? I'm currently cut off from my data because I have elected to not renew.


  • Jon
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    If you only paid for Quicken Starter, then your file becomes read-only when your sub runs out. If you paid for Deluxe or better then you should still be able to manually enter new transactions without a sub, you just can't access any online features.

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  • Ps56k2
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    hey @VGuitarist - help us understand what is not working -
    Also - what version….. Starter - Deluxe - Premier - ….. Help —> About Quicken

    Of course you are aware, when a Quicken subscription expires -
    so does ALL your Quicken downloading features.

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  • VGuitarist
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    It is the deluxe version. The day my subscription expired, the check registers wouldn't display data. They worked the day before.

    I gave up and bought a new subscription at a local retailer (cheaper than through Quicken). After I activated, the data now shows and bank integrations work...HOWEVER, the shading feature is stuck off -- making the app fairly unusable due to an eye disability. See post
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