Need personal help in Ft Lauderdale, FL

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I have been a Quicken user for at least 15 or more years. Quicken is for all my personal financial data. several checking accounts and another financial tracking

I have no problems with keeping the checking accounts up to date, and reconciling them to the penny every month My problem is tracking my other financials Many years ago is set up my Merrill Lynch equities accounts and a CMA account and it worked perfectly. As I am getting older it was time to convert growth to income. This meant selling many equities and purchasing others. I changed from Merrill to another Financial Institution. I am at a total loss trying to figure out how to do all this

I would like to find someone local who can work with me in updating everything in my Dell desktop, my iPhone, and my Surface laptop [Removed - Personal Info]


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    How do I find someone locally in Broward County FL area who will help me set up Quicken Deluxe new banking and securities accounts on my Dell Windows 10 Desktop? Have used Qucken for more than 15 years, but this baffles me

    I send a message a couple of days ago. Included my email so someone could contact me, but it was blanked out

    How do I find this kind of help?

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