Cash Flow Report Falacy

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The traditional canned cash flow report Quicken has never worked like I wanted it to, and I have always known this. For one thing, if you purchase something and transfer part or all to an asset account, the cash expenditure does not get picked up in this report.

To try to get around this in the past, I started including and excluding accounts. In the advanced tab, I include all transactions to "include" or "exclude" certain asset accounts.

The problem with this approach is you can't tell it within each asset account to exclude certain types of transfers. It is all or nothing for the report. Simple example below using a Best Buy Credit card in which purchases and coded to an asset account, computer for example. You want the asset item computer to be showing if you "include" the account but it does not. If you exclude Best Buy, you get an amount show as "To Best Buy" that is not right because it shows category only coding.

I am a long time Quicken user, but am I missing something, or is it the way I set up my accounts?
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