Invisible Transactions?

I'm having major problems with my main bank account that I've tracked in Quicken since 2004. It's something weird that I've never seen before. I noticed it earlier today. I downloaded new transactions from my bank. Twenty transactions downloaded but only one showed up on the Downloaded Transactions tab after I imported them via qfx file.

So, that was screw up #1.

On to screw up #2.

I was behind on entering a car loan's payment details by a few months. I have all of my loans setup as loan accounts and loan payments from the bank account in question are always split between an interest payment and a principal payment that is a transfer to the auto loan account. So I entered the last six payments that I hadn't entered and when I went back and looked, only four were showing in the register. The last three that I entered were for 1/19/23, 2/19/23, and 3/19/23. The last one I could actually see was 1/19/23. I thought maybe there was some sort of filter setup so I wanted to go see what I saw from inside the loan account. So, I right-clicked on the 1/19 payment and selected go to matching transfer, which took me to my loan account. Just like my bank account, the last payment I can see in my loan account is for 1/19. The thing is, the remaining principal showing isn't correct for the 1/19 payment. The remaining principal showing is what it should be after the 3/19 payment, even though those last two payments aren't actually visible. So, somehow those transactions are there and they're impacting balances, but I can't see them. I should also mention that those two invisible transactions don't show up on transaction reports either.

What in the heck could cause these accounts to act this way?!

As near as I can tell, it seems like this is impacting mainly transactions from about 2/17/23 on. I've never seen anything like this in twenty years of using Quicken. It's the strangest thing I've ever ran into and I have no idea what is going on.

Any ideas?


  • mshiggins
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    By any chance did you use 2/19/22 and 3/19/22 instead of the 2023 dates?

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  • Byron Followell
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    I'm fairly certain that I didn't, but I'll double check. I'm going to feel really silly if I did, and the fix is that easy. Silly, but glad.

    Of course, that will take care of the apparently "invisible" transactions that still impact balances, but it wouldn't explain the strange downloaded transaction behavior.

    Thanks. I'll check later and post what I find afterward.
  • Byron Followell
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    Well, I can confirm that I copy/pasted those final two 2023 loan transactions, but forgot to change the whole dates before saving. It looks like I'd changed the day, but missed the year, so they were actually there, in 2022 the whole time. That explains why they were adjusting the balances and why I didn't see them in the report. They just weren't where I expected them to be. It still doesn't explain how I didn't notice when I right-clicked and selected go to matching transfer. That should have taken me straight to the corresponding transaction, regardless of date. Actually, I'm assuming that it did, and I just failed to notice. I'll chalk it up to early morning, insomnia financial updating. Maybe, when I can't sleep, I should try curling up with a good book instead of trying to be productive!

    This still doesn't explain why transactions have stopped importing correctly, but I'm fairly sure that's a completely unrelated issue and I may just have to finally get around to resetting my direct connection to my bank, rather than downloading manually, once I get everything cleaned up and current.

    Thanks for helping me work through this and finding out that this was a much smaller issue than I was worried it was going to be.
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