Schwab IRA thinks it's a costco credit card

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I am trying to reestablish all the accounts that have been mangled by Quicken (schwab, bank america, Citibank).

I have three schwab accounts…all with years of history….and quicken asked me to reauthorize them…going to schwab, authorizing all 3, success and then quicken loads the three accounts and asks if I want to link them to existing accounts. Two of them are fine…I link to the existing schwab account. The third, an IRA, allows me to link to an existing account, but the account is an unrelated credit card account from Citibank….not the schwab IRA account I have established. Once this happens, I can go to accounts and see that the credit card has been changed to schwab even though I said, don't link it……which of course wrong. Note: I had checked it prior to this reauthorizing schwab and it was correct..pointing to Citibank.

Prior to trying any of this, I logged off quicken and logged on again which has solved other issues…hoping it would help….it didn't.

Clearly, there is a problem between schwab and quicken. Maybe they can only handle two accounts??? How is it possible to get transactions from a schwab account and suggest that you link them to an unrelated credit card?

There is now no way to change that credit card account back to citibank…other than to restore from a backup……but my next post/discussion will be about my ongoing difficulties getting my citibank card informatioin updated in quicken

What a mess!!!!!!

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