One Step Update - Quicken placed multiple transactions for different accounts into one account.

Quicken placed multiple transactions for different accounts into one account.


  • BTBT
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    For further troubleshooting, do you have additional information about this?

    1) Is this a 'One Step Update' process that you are using?

    2) Is this the first time you are doing this or has it been working fine for some time and you are just seeing this now?

    3) Are these multiple transactions all for the same company, like Fidelity, Chase, Wells Fargo, Vanguard, etc? Or are the multiple transactions from different companies going into one account at a single financial institution?

    4) Are they all the same type of account, for example an investment account, a bank account, or a retirement account? Or are the account types mixed types?

    5) Are you able to post a screenshot with the financial numbers and account information redacted?

  • paulbacchi
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    1) & 2) One-step update and yes used it before with no issues encountered.
    3) Multiple transactions going into our checking account. Right now the problem seems to be with a Delta Skymiles credit card account being posted in our Golden 1 checking account.
    5) Unable to post screen shot with redacted information.

  • BTBT
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    Does the Delta Skymiles credit card get paid from the Golden 1 checking account? If so, maybe that could be the cause of those transactions going into the Golden 1 checking account?

    I have never connected my credit card to Quicken, so I am not sure how that works. Sorry, I don't think I will be of much more help. I hope someone else can help out.

  • paulbacchi
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    Yes, the credit card gets paid with a paper check from the checking account. But the credit card company does not withdraw the funds directly. Thanks for trying, I will contact Quicken on Monday to see if they can shed some light on this.
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