account balance report incorrect after 'stksplit' transaction

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Hello All,

I did a few searches on the discussion board and didn’t find a similar topic so hopefully this isn’t a repeat.

I have a question about the ‘account balance over time’ report. I see that for an account of mine that the present account balance displayed in the ‘account balance over time’ report is not matching with the actual balance shown in the account itself. I investigated it and saw in the ‘account balance over time’ report that there was a huge jump in value at a certain date. So, I looked at the transaction register for that date and I see an entry for ‘StkSplit’ which converted 8 shares into 1 (reverse split).

This is the same month that the ‘Account Balance’ jumps significantly. It is not exactly by a factor of 8, but close enough to correlate the stock split with the inaccurate account balance over time calculation. The difference is most likely due to the stock price declining over the course of the rest of the month (so it doesn’t end up being an exact factor of 8 by the end of the month). The account balance in every other place (Holdings and Account Register) is correct for present day(both the number of shares and the market value).

I would think that the account balance would just be an easy ‘number of shares’ * ‘share price’ for each of the ending time periods (monthly in this case). However, it seems like the account balance over time is not doing that. I looked in the configuration to see if I was missing something for the ‘StkSplit’ category, but I did not see anything for ‘StkSplit’ in ‘Categories’, or ‘Tags’.

I am not sure if Quicken stores the historical shares owned, but it doesn’t seem like it. Quicken probably just takes all the account entries and then adds them up to come up with the periodic number of shares owned to a certain date.

So, I wonder if the ‘account balance over time’ calculation is not taking into account stock splits. Has anyone else seen this?

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