Bug: Restoring Active Quicken Window Goes to Upper Left Corner of Screen

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I have been experiencing a problem while using Quicken for Windows. If I minimize the active Quicken Window and bring another window to the foreground, upon clicking Quicken in the Task Bar, the Quicken window pops up as an abbreviated small menu bar i the upper left corner of the screen. The bar only shows the minimize, restore, and exit buttons. I have to click several times to get Quicken to eventually restore full screen or to exit. A few times I will have to use Task Manager to close down and restart Quicken.

Any ideas as to what may be going on?


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    Click the Maximize button in this mini-Quicken window to bring the window up to full screen. Then click the Restore Down button to reduce the window to its normal size.

    I've had this happen occasionally (very infrequently) to me, but I haven't quite figured out the sequence of events that cause this hiccup.
    Typically, when switching to another window I do not minimize Quicken first.

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    After reading your response, I decided to perform various test scenarios. I can now consistently recreate the issue.

    While Quicken Deluxe is running maximized on my primary monitor (I have a second monitor with the desktop extended to it), I click the Quicken button on the taskbar to minimize the app. The only reason I come up with as to why I do this is because the taskbar button is much easier to click versus the smaller minimize button in the upper right corner. Usually, I have Microsoft Outlook running and displayed on my primary monitor and frequently swap between the two apps as I check emails and bring information over to Quicken. My second monitor will often have my web browser on it which I use to download financial statements.

    When I want to bring Quicken back to the foreground, I click the Quicken taskbar button. Afterwards, I can see a compressed form of the app title bar quickly rise from the taskbar and towards the upper left corner of the primary display. Visible and overlaying whatever app was active prior to this is a small, compressed title bar that shows the Q-logo in a small red box overlaying a part of some icon on the left side of the small title bar. Following the Q is a "^" character (for hiding the toolbar), then the minimize, maximize and exit buttons that would normally be on the far right of a normal Quicken title bar. Clicking the Quicken button on the taskbar simply causes the mini title bar to go back and forth between the taskbar and the upper left corner of the screen. I captured an image of the mini title bar which should be attached to this comment.

    To restore Quicken to where it can be fully visible requires clicking the maximize button in the mini title bar. Sometimes multiple clicks are required.

    The event occurs regardless of if Quicken is displayed in maximized full screen mode or a smaller normal window mode prior to being minimized.

    Curious, I minimized Quicken then attempted to use ALT+TAB to switch to it. Same issue occurred, but with a slight twist.

    During one test using ALT+TAB, Quicken popped up with the mini title bar with a small portion of the Quicken menu bar also showing functions File, Edit, View, and Tools immediately below it. The rest of the Quicken area where the title and menu bars were to be was gray and void. From my programming days, it was as if a text box object was there without any content or border and simply gray as if nothing had been defined or placed into it. Two clicks of the Quicken maximize button resulted in both bars being restored and properly displayed. The incident caused me to remember this occurring several months ago, but the bars could not be properly displayed. I had to exit Quicken and restart the program.

    Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.
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