Currency conversion not working

I'm transferring money from a USD account to an EUR account. In the past when I've done that, a window popped up to show me the expected conversion rate and let me change it if necessary. Now, Quicken is entering the same amount in both accounts. So my $50,000 transfer out of the USD account is showing up as a 50,000 euro transfer IN to the EUR acccount. it's more like 46,000 euros. can't figure out how to get the correct amount in euros. Anyone know? thanks


  • UKR
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    What version of Quicken are you using? (Help / About Quicken, R xx.xx)
    Is that the US or the Canadian version?

    Was the EUR account originally created with the correct EUR currency? (If it was, account balance and transaction amounts should show with the correct currency symbol as defined in the Currency List)

  • ClovisInParis
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    Hi, I'm using R48.15, build It's the US version. The EUR account was indeed created with EUR currency. It shows the euro symbol in the account list and in the transactions.
  • ClovisInParis
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    ah i figured it out. my fault: Last time i updated my currency list, dollar and euro were at parity, 1-1, so no need for popup. update current exchange rate and now it works.
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