Tracking ISO Grants

seadave Member
edited May 2023 in Investing (Windows)

Using Quicken Windows R48.15. I'm trying to track my ISO grants. I created a non-online account and setup a security to track the grants. I'm using the launch wizard to enter NQ/Qual grants. For some reason, when my first grant expires in 9/23 of this year, it zeros out all of my other grants that I have entered that start prior to that date? Do I need to create a unique security for each grant? That seems ridiculous. When I view my holdings they all show as individual grants and I can find the grant specifics with vesting schedules in the ledger.

Why would they zero out like this? It seems as if Quicken isn't able to seperate the expiring grant shares from the ones entered after it that are yet to expire? To be clear, in the example above, the 80,552 options should be reduced by 9,775 when the first grant expires. Number should be 70,777 and not 0!

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