Empower 401K Lockheed Martin


401K balances depress me and I'd rather not look at them every day. However, I have two accounts that are part of my Quicken monitored account, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. General Dynamics is through Fidelity and it reports properly and is always available.

Lockheed Martin is through Empower and exhibits an unusual situation. It will not keep track of my balance on its own like the other accounts do. Each day, I must click on the Account Settings Gear, select the downloads tab, click on "Update Login", key in my password again, and it will respond "Quicken couldn't find any accounts to add". I close that window and click the update curled arrow on the upper left of my screen and that account updates for that day. If I fail to do this exact procedure each day, the account totals will go to zero on the graph, looking like a sawtooth desite the account always having some money in it. This means that I must slavishly spend that effort each and every day, despite not wanting to watch the balances that often.

The 1st of next month is renewal time for this program and I am wondering why I should pay for this aggravation. :)

This isn't an obscure company, either for the plan or the account. Does Quicken have someone who keeps access open for its customers?


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