Quicken Deluxe Versus Quicken Home & Business


I am in Canada and so have the choice of using Quicken Deluxe or Quicken Home & Business. There is no Quicken Premier option in Canada. I have always purchased Quicken Home & Business, but I only use Quicken for tracking my investments. It appears that I should be able to get by with just Quicken Deluxe if I am only tracking investments, but wanted to confirm that I am correct before downgrading my subscription.


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    Windows 11 (2 separate computers)..... Quicken Premier.. HAVE USED QUICKEN CONTINUOUSLY SINCE 1985.

  • Arctic Hare
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    Yah… except the chart isn't accurate - it refers to features found in the US version, but not in the Canadian version. This is a long running issue - the marketing folks at Quicken don't seem to know what is actually in the Canadian version, e.g. the reference to Zwillow, which is not available in Canada.

    As far as investments go, however, I think the only feature you'd lose through the downgrade is the real-time quotes… and I'm not sure why anyone would use that anyway. Presently, that feature is providing incorrect quotes, making it even less useful than usual.

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