Why do annual bill reminders change dates

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I found a previous discussion on this from 2022 that had been closed with no response from Quicken. I spoke to support today and they recommended I try putting in a reminder under monthly for 12 months instead of yearly. Thought this info might be of some help to others who have complained of the same issue. Of course I never got a promise that this will fix the issue but I am going to give it a try!


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    I don't see your prior discussion - was it posted using a different user name?

    The issue with annual reminders changing dates has been around for a long time. I've started adding the date to the payee name to keep track of the actual date. If you enclose the date info in curly braces, it is not included in the payee name should the transaction be a printed check or an online payment. An example of this would be the reminder payee for my home insurance which is due mid July annually:

    Insurance Company {July 15}

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