NOTHING is working for USAA, Navy Federal and First Bank (Bancorp

I have to delete accounts on all of these banks and add pending charges all over again for each. When I do update the numbers are wrong and it does not update properly, If this continues I am going to request a refund and use another money application. Please respond as to when these issues will be fixed!


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    Ok - I have *finally* figured out the fix for Navy Federal (as well as USAA). Here's what to do, in this order, don't skip a step. I'll use "NFCU" for the instructions below, and a separate post for USAA which is slightly different:

    1) in Quicken, *on each and every NFCU account you have* (I have a checking, loan, etc.), go to the SETTINGS for that account and "disconnect" it from transaction downloads, web connect, etc. This won't delete anything or change anything in the account registry.

    2) If you opted to save the password to NFCU in your vault (windows quicken) or in your keychain (Mac OS quicken), go to either the Vault or your mac's keychain app and DELETE the password for NFCU account(s) - for mac, you do this within your keychain app (in Keychain, do a search for Quicken and right-click on each NFCU account password saved there and click "DELETE")

    3) Go to on a desktop PC or mac, login to your NFCU account, and go to your Account Summary area. There's an "edit accounts" link to the right of Account Summary words. Click Edit Accounts, and then "custom" rename each of your accounts something easy, no dashes. For instance, checking account rename to "NFCU Checking" (and make sure the "show" tab is set to on, for each account), and don't forget to SAVE SETTINGS at the bottom when done.

    4) Now you'll be back to the Account Summary page on NFCU. For each account you have, you'll see them as your new custom names, *followed by a space, a dash, a space, and the last 4 digits of that account number.* Navy Federal adds the space/dash/space/last 4 digits, you can't change that part. So now... Your "NFCU Checking" customized name is actually something like "NFCU Checking - 7598." Make a note of each of these names.

    5) Go back to Quicken, and for each NFCU account in your Quicken, rename the account in your Quicken to the new NFCU account name your just customized online, aka "NFCU Checking - 7593"

    6) Now in Quicken, on just one of your NFCU account, go ahead and and "connect" them again for transaction downloads. You'll re-enter your username for NFCU and password for NFCU. Now quicken will connect, and there will be a pop-up where you will chose to "link" the accounts to the existing accounts you already have in Quicken.

    7) DONE! Downloads work again!
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    Thanks that worked, What is the USAA Fix?
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