Quick Pay: AT&T (DirecTV): "Could not initiate payment on biller website via Service Provider."

Wednesday 2023/04/19 at 06:05 PDT

When attempting to Quick Pay my AT&T (DirecTV) bill within the last hour, Quicken displays the Quicken dialog box with the following text:


Could not initiate payment on biller website via Service Provider.
Additional information: Bill Pay Service Provider did not respond to Review Payment request.

Log in to the biller website with a browser to make this payment.


I attached the screenshot of the dialog box to this message.



  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Recommend you follow instructions in this message and make payment directly from the AT&T website for this and all future payments.

  • Gregory Allarding
    I've been having the same issues with DirecTV, and other payees. In addition, I've found the check pay to be unreliable with long lead times and checks arriving late. Quicken Bill Manager is a highly unreliable piece of s$!&, to the point where I'm no longer able to use it. Since moving to a subscription model and eliminating the old Quicken Bill Pay, the entire product has gone down hill. This coming from a 30 year Quicken user. Quicken has never been worse than it is right now.
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