What banks allow a direct connection that allows one to see scheduled payments in Quicken for Mac?

I am a Bank of America customer. When "Direct Connect" was still offered by BOA I would see Scheduled payments that were automatically sent with the Bank of America ebill system in the Quicken Register after doing a download. When "Direct Connect" was discontinued, I was forced to manually enter every automatic payment in Quicken. Not very automatic if you have to type it in. One can always wait until it posts to see the amount of the payment. But wouldn't you rather see if you have enough money in the account before the payment is deducted from your account. It pretty much eliminates the need for any software, once you stop keeping track of outstanding checks/payments.

Before opening an account at a new bank I assume that "DIRECT CONNECT" was all I needed. This is not true. So far the two banks with "Direct Connect" maintain two different sets of scheduled electronic payments one on the website and one on Quicken. So, unless to manually double enter payments, you can't see all your scheduled payments in the same place. It seems to me now that Bank of America may have been the only bank that ever offered this level of connection. Please someone prove me wrong and give me a bank that will work. I'm not looking for a work around, I already have that... If there is a way for ebills to go to quicken and payments get automatically generated, that would be good. Also, would another software work with ebills.

So, what banks offer the service where you can see your automatic payments generated on your banks website via incoming ebills, the way Bank of America worked? "Direct Connect" is not the answer by itself. I have new accounts at two banks that have "direct connect", but no scheduled payments show up. Likewise when I enter a Payment on the Quicken side with Wells Fargo or Truist those scheduled payments do not show up on their website. I can send payments through Quicken and those show up. But Automatic payments generated when an ebill comes into the bank do not. So far the two banks near me that offer "Direct Connect" offer no better connection than the new Bank of America method. This new and improved method, only serves to make it harder for quicken users to know how much money is in their account. Virtually Every payment in a given month is generated automatically on the banks website, having the ability to enter an electronic payment in Quicken that will never show up on the banks website until it posts doesn't help me. So far I have opened account at Wells Fargo and Truist, only to close them as soon as it is clear that their version of "Direct Connect" is disconnected when it comes to electronic payments. A new payment generated on the bank of America website used to show up immediately after another download. No over-night processing needs to occur. It would seem that the banks got together and decided to make managing your money harder. I really don't think any bank offers "direct connect" the way Bank of America used to and I am stuck with double entering everything.


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    I use Salem Five Savings Bank. It has direct connect. When I make an online bill pay in Quicken, it is reflected on the website bill pay screen immediately. When I do an intra bank transfer between accounts, that is reflected immediately too and also shows cleared in Quicken on the very next download within minutes.

    I don't pay bills on the bank's website, so I really don't know if those get reflected in quicken before they are actually paid.

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    It is all the automatic payments that need to show up. Every one of my bills is automatically paid, the largest of which are paid automatically through the ebill system at my bank. The banks could easily provide a way to keep track of outstanding payments, but they seek to make it harder to keep track of your finances because they make so much revenue from bounced overdraft fees and finance charges. So far it seems that all banks are onboard with making peoples financial lives more difficult. Any system that allows one to see what your balance will be after the current moment is purposefully being stopped by banks.

    The question “is there enough money in my account to cover all the outstanding checks and electronic payments?” Is not a question that banks want you to be easily able to answer.
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