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Reminders and Bill Pay- Display more payment due info for Online Billers [Edited]

Kerry Lawson
Kerry Lawson Windows Beta Beta
edited October 11 in Product Enhancements

On the screen for Bills & Income/Bills, there are 3 amounts that come into play for an online / Quick Pay bill: 1) the minimum amount due from the biller account, 2) the total account balance due from the biller account; and 3) the amount set in a reminder as the planned payment amount. Currently, the 3rd amount (from the reminder) and the 2nd amount (total account balance) are displayed UNTIL you refresh the bill (or update all). Upon a refresh the reminder amount to pay is lost and the minimum amount due is displayed.

Suggestion is to display all three amounts for a given online bill: 1) reminder (planned amount), 2) biller's minimum amount due, and 3) biller's total amount due. This would avoid the need to recalculate the planned amount if a refresh occurs and would facilitate adjusting the planned amount down to the minimum amount due if a cash flow issue presents itself during the billing cycle.

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