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Hi, I hoping for some help for the community. I've already spent hours with Quciken suppport to determine it's not Quicken or the data file but my Win 11 desktop.

Os= Win 11 with latest update uninstalled (KB5025239)
Quicken=Subscription so latest version
Problem=Quicken crashes when opening but can be opened in quiet mode (Cntl+shift)

The problem started after April 4th which is why I unstalled the latest win 11 update that was installed on April 12th. With Quicken support, I was able to install, start up Quicken and relaunch Quicken with my current data file on a different Win 11 laptop. Therefore, they deemed the software & data file as valid and pointed the problem to my win 11 desktop.

I've tried the following already:
1. Validate the data file (just validate & with all options). It reports as clean. Once validated the data file will open in Quicken. However, when exiting Quicken & re-launching, Quicken crashes,
2. Launch Quicken on previous data files also fails. Tried data files from weeks and months earlier. Same issue, Quicken crashes when loading in files.
4. Reverted Quicken version prior to any April 23 updates.
4. Tried running Quicken as administrator but still fails. I do receive the 'Quicken doesn't support administrator mode' warning message.
5. Removed all anti-virus/web security software.
6. Checked windows file system for corruptions & repair using 'sfc /scannow' command.
7. Uninstalled lastest windows 11 update (KB5025239).
8. Verified permissions on data files and qc.exe file and they are accesible to everyone.

So, if anyone has ideas or suggestions as to what the issue might be or where to go from here, I would greatly appreciate your input. I've been using Quicken for many years and on this same desktop when it was Win 10 & now Win 11. The problem only showed up in the last 2 weeks.

Thank you in advance!!



  • Greg_the_Geek
    Greg_the_Geek SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would suggest creating a new Windows User account and running Quicken from that account.

    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta

    Look in the Windows Event Viewer, Windows Logs, Application filter. You will see an Application Error Event, Event ID 1000. There will also be a Windows Error Report Event 1001 with error dump files that were sent to Microsoft. You should share those with Quicken Support. The faulting module will be ntdll.dll.

    If you haven't already, try uninstalling Quicken on the problem machine, restarting your machine and re-installing Quicken.

    I have noticed more frequent Quicken crashes using Windows 11. In the past Quicken would spawn a BugSplat report to the Quicken Developers after a Windows crash but that module does not seem to be active now or it does not react to these crashes. While it is possible this is a Microsoft issue, because ntdll.dll is a fundamental OS library, it is more likely some of the ancient code in Quicken is making a request in a manner that is no longer supported.

    My crashes are seemingly random, but since yours are consistent, the error dump logs should be of value to Quicken although you will have trouble convincing them it is a Quicken issue.

  • Chipdot
    Chipdot Member

    Hi and thank you to both Greg_the_Geek and Markus1957 for replying,

    First, Greg, I created a new standard user acct and was able to open my data file, close & reopen again. It appears the new user account is running Quicken properly. Same Quicken install as before. Any ideas as to why? Any ideas on whether the existing user account can be fixed?

    Second, Markus, reviewed the Event Viewer, logs & app filter. I did not see any Event ID 1000 related to quicken other than a quickenscreenshare which was aborted during a reboot when working with support. Nothing related at all to ntdll.dll. The only other 'errors' I'm seeing are Dcom (DistributedCom 10010) which I don't believe are related as they have been happening long before this quicken issue (possibly a different problem). I had uninstalled & re-installed quicken but can't hurt to try again.

    Thank you again for helping me as I track down this issue.

  • Greg_the_Geek
    Greg_the_Geek SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have never been able to learn what gets corrputed in a Windows User profile that causes Quicken to crash. I've just seen it happen before.

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