Error Code CC-800


I keep getting Error Code CC-800 for two store credit cards, Lowe's and JC Penny that are with Syncrony Bank. I have tried using the "Fix It" numerous times which always claims to have resolved, but never does. I called Support and tried everything the individual had to offer, but nothing resolved. His final comment was it will go away eventually. Both accounts download any transactions properly and neither have ever been deleted. I have not restored from a back. I have run Validate and Super Validate but there are no errors. Looking for a way to make this go away.


  • PapAskew
    PapAskew Member

    I found the other string of post after I posted mine. I followed the process to deactivate both accounts and then shut down Quicken. I reopened and reactivated both accounts and then did an Update and it resolved the problem. Thank you for your post.

    What gets me the most is why didn't Support know to do this to resolve the issue? I spent 45 minutes or longer on the phone with the individual and it was a total waste of time.

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