Missing Checks Report Inaccurate

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I have 12 random check transactions that are showing up in the Missing Checks report however the check numbers do exist in the register and are reconciled. Any idea as to what I can do? Thanks.


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    Is it possible that the check numbers are not stored correctly / were not downloaded correctly or with a format which does not character-compare exactly?
    I'm thinking about "1234" compared to " 1234" with a leading blank or some other variation. AFAIK, the check number comparison does not convert the check number field to decimal to perform a numeric comparison, "001234" vs "001234".

    If you were to sort your checking account register by Check#, do the checks in question fall into sequence or do they appear somewhere out of order?

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    I've actually reentered the transactions manually and deleted the old ones. The results were the same. Sorting the account register by check # and they do fall into sequence. That's a great troubleshooting suggesting by the way. Thank you for that.
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