Who's to blame - Quicken, or my bank?

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I've been dealing with an issue for as long as I can remember, and I'm officially fed up with it.

Each morning, I open Quicken and press the 'Update All Accounts' icon. It grinds for a few seconds, the process bar should start moving from left to right, and after 20-30 seconds, I have a list of my new transactions.

More often than not, lately, I Update All Transactions, the progress bar merrily moves right along, and eventurally turns green, saying "Updated Successfully", when in fact, it didn't do anything. I can try and retry, and usually come back 30-60 minutes later and try again. Eventually, sometimes hours later, I retry and like magic, there's all my transactions.

So who's dropping the ball here - Quicken, or my bank (Ally)? My money is on Ally, but I'm even more curious, WHAT ARE THEY DOING every day that this happens? I start this routine at 6AM CST, and I can see in my bank's website that my transactions are posted, so what's the deal? (I guess I'm exaggerating, it's not every day, but usually 2X-3X a week.)


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    Unfortunately, Ally doesn't support Direct Connect. If they did, Quicken could get updates directly from Ally. instead Ally uses Quicken Connect, so your data is flowing through Quicken Cloud before it gets to your Quicken app. Quicken Cloud periodically gets updates from Ally, and when you update your account in Quicken it pulls the most recent update from the cloud, but that probably happened hours ago.

    Instead of Update All Accounts, try Update Selected Account instead. IIUC, for Quicken Connect accounts in 7.0 that will trigger Quicken Cloud to update the selected account in addition to downloading the most recent cloud contents.

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    Thank you @Jon, that's good to know. I will try Update Selected Account tomorrow and see if my luck changes.

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    I had an opportunity to try this today, and it seems to have worked. Thanks again for the info, @Jon!

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