Paypal multi account and EWC problem

JB Member ✭✭
My wife and I have separate Paypal accounts we track with quicken. Since the EWC+ updates have taken place Quicken keeps trying to combine them under the same Paypal login UID and PW. I deactivated both Paypal accounts and then activate EWC for My paypal account "1111" using my ID/PW, and all goes as expected. I next go to my my wife's paypal account "2222" and use her ID/PW to activate EWC for her account. Quicken retrieves info for only paypal account "2222" and ask to link Quicken paypal "2222" , I confirm and press next.
This is were things get weird.
On the next window Quicken pops up an error message "Account Paypal "1111" was not found at Paypal. You should disable this account from One step Update"

First of all account "1111" is already setup under a different Paypal UID/PW so why is Quicken trying to combine "1111" with "2222" under one EWC login?
Second, Quicken never indicated in the linking window an option to link "1111" to any Quicken accounts, so why does it think both should share the same EWC connection?
Third, why is Quicken taking its liberties in disabling my pre existing EWC configuration for account "1111" although its suggest I should do the disabling ?


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