R49.22 - Attachments are uploading to cloud when mobile sync is set to OFF

I have the mobile & web Sync preferences set to OFF, as I don't use any of the mobile apps and do not want my data loading into the cloud.

Today I added an attachment to a transaction for the first time since I upgraded to R49.22. To my considerable surprise the attachment was uploaded to the cloud. I was unable to stop the upload, and after it had finished I could not view the attachment by double clicking it until I had deleted it from the cloud. Given that my sync preference is set to OFF I have no idea where the attachment went in the cloud, I can only hope that deleting it has removed all traces of it, but I have no way of knowing if it's sitting in a cache or log file somewhere, or whether any other data was uploaded with it.

This seems a significant and serious bug to me. By setting the sync preference to OFF I'm indicating that I don't want my data in the cloud, including attachments, but my privacy is being compromised as Quicken is uploading data to the cloud anyway.

I have reverted to build 48.15 and tested it and can confirm that it works correctly and does not upload transaction attachments to the cloud with Sync set to OFF. I will remain on R48.15 until this is rectified.


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