Reconciliation button is greyed out

Joelker Member ✭✭
Why is the reconciliation button is grayed out? Also, I can't figure out how to enter my bank statement balance to compare against the Quicken bank account.
I am new to Quicken for Mac.


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Make sure you have an individual account selected in the Account sidebar when trying to reconcile. The Reconcile button is greyed out when you're looking at an account group (like Cash or Savings or Credit Card).

    Once you have the Reconcile button available, pressingh it will bring up the reconciliation window. If you're reconciling to a monthly statement, select the center section as shown below & enter the ending balance from your statement.

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  • Joelker
    Joelker Member ✭✭
    Jon--Thank you so much! The solution was not at all obvious, but so simple once you showed me. And now the account balance on each line item shows, which was the other question I was about to ask next.
    II think that it should be made more evident in Quicken itself. Joel K
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