Sync on Exit


I've always had quicken deluxe set to remind me to sync before exiting. After the last couple of updates it's stopped doing that even though I still have the option selected.

I tried to reset user ID and password through Edit preferences . Still not remding to sync on exit.


  • hdroadking04

    Update: Found solution for quicken deluxe (for me anyway). I when to menu at top bar clicked on "Mobile & Web" then clicked "go to mobile & web" once there I logged in with ID and password for my account. At the top right it showed (why I don't know) this account had never been sync'ed. So I made sure the check mark was in the "sync on exiting" box, then clicked sync now. It took a few minutes but once it had finished I close quicken and reopened and when I clicked the exit (x) at top right it sync like it always had before. So I think this solved my issue.

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