How to best notify Quicken of a bug with email that they send?

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Today I got this strange email from Quick (and legitimately from Quicken) that had me scratching my head a little bit until I realized what the underlying problem was:

"We have successfully processed your request to renew your Quicken US
Deluxe membership. As of 4/27/2023 you have an active membership to
Quicken Deluxe that will renew automatically on 4/27/2024 at the then
current price (plus any applicable taxes).. If you would like
uninterrupted access to your Quicken US Deluxe membership, please
visit My Account ( ) to activate
auto renewal

Do you see the problem? It simultaneously tells me that I am both already being auto-renewed but then goes on to create the cognitive dissonance of suggesting that somehow my access could be interrupted and I should go activate auto-renewal. Generally speaking, causing cognitive dissonance in your customers is not great for business.

This situation seems to have arisen because the MIME type multipart/alternative is being used incorrectly. Since I have an email client in which I prefer to see the text/plain part of a message instead of text/html when it is available, this is what I saw. If instead I view the HTML part, it does not show the last sentence of this paragraph.

This is in contravention of the documented intent of the multipart/alternative type, that each part is just a different presentation of the same information. Instead, the text/plain part here is notable for having been apparently independently generated from a different source template or mechanism than what was used for the HTML part.

While misuse of multipart/alternative affects few people, for those who do see the differences this sort of thing is a signal that starts raising more questions about what other times the intended communication was not achieved.

If anyone within Quicken sees this message and has the ability to raise bug reports / change requests internally, please log this error.


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    HI @tale,

    Thanks for your post. I think that you've laid out the issues that you are seeing very well. Since Quicken Moderators review all posts in this Forum, I am feel confident that one of them will make note of the problems you have identified and forward that information to the proper Quicken personnel responsible for such messaging.

    Thanks for the comprehensive post and for alerting us of this problem.


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