Still Can't Add or Edit SubCategories

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Hi. Using Q Deluxe, V. R48.18, Build

Prior hit or miss solutions that have worked for some have not worked for me. I do not have any mysterious ACCT_xx in my Category List. I do not have the double naming problem, wherein a category and account have the identical name, and problems result.

This is what happens for me: When I attempt to add a new category, as a subcategory of: [DROPDOWN MENU THAT IS SUPPOSED TO DISPLAY FULL CATEGORY LIST], the displayed categories list is INCOMPLETE. I checked it carefully, and, for me, it only shows existing categories in my Personal Income group. No other categories in any other groups are shown. Thus, I cannot create or edit subcategories for categories in those other groups, i.e., my Business Expenses, Personal Expenses, Investment, Rental Property, etc. category groups.

Does anyone have a way of making the Add Subcategory To [Category List dropdown] display the FULL list?



  • mshiggins
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    Other than what you refer to as the prior hit or miss workarounds, no.

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  • UKR
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    When reviewing your Tools / Category List please make sure that

    • the Category List is set to "Show Full List" and
    • "[x] Show hidden categories" is selected and
    • the list is sorted by category (if the Category column title does not have a "▲" in it, click the title to sort the list) and
    • the grey sidebar is set to show All Categories

    You should now be able to spot anomalies.

  • Wil
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    Yay, I found the problem! I had the "Quicken will sometimes create categories from account names" variation of the "bogus category" bug that was screwing up my Category List dropdown view.

    It was tricky to find. I used the Manage Hidden Accounts screen to check my selections. (Access that by clicking More Accounts on left side account list, will see the Manage button at the bottom). I had one account that was checked to Hide in Transaction Entry Lists. I unchecked that box. Then I looked for that account name as a category in Tools / Category List (full view), and I saw it.

    That bogus category may have been there and viewable before, I don't know, but when I specifically looked for it, I found it. I deleted that bogus category, and the full category list is again displaying as it should, and I can again create & edit my subcategories.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Pat Sills
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    Wil, Your post was enormously helpful! I was trying to create some new subcategories, and could not see the higher level subcategory or category. Very frustrating, and if persisted, a killer bug for me. But when I looked in the category list, I saw a strange category that did not belong. I deleted this zombie category and the problem went away. So thanks!
  • Wil
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    Pat Sills, great! We help each other with these nasty bugs as best we can. Like you, I see the ability to create and edit subcategories as a core feature of the Quicken software!
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