Quicken 2013 begins to load and display but it disappears as it is almost open

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I have Quicken 2013's data installed on a server
and one of my Windows 10 latest updated workstation computers
can display Quicken, while a second workstation computer
with Quicken 2013 installed no longer displays Quicken 2013.

Both computers work fine, but the computer that works with Quicken 2013 does

show the Quicken 2013 in its control panel's programs and features; the other one

should, but no longer does.

I tried reinstalling from a saved QW13HAB.exe file, but

that states that I have to uninstall the Quicken 2013 that is running,
but it does not appear in the control panel's programs and features.
I tried compatibility modes but had no success. Does anyone have an idea?

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