Ability to edit paycheck amounts when entering paycheck in mobile.

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For those on a fixed salary, the paycheck feature works fine. But I'm on an hourly wage, so my paycheck is never the same. I get overtime and a variable number of days on the last paycheck for the month. The amount can vary wildly. I have entered a "minimal hours" paycheck as a template and edit the amounts from my paystub as I enter the paycheck.

It frustrates me that I can't enter my paycheck on Mobile. Mobile won't let me edit the total amount or split amounts. This means I can't enter my paycheck until I sit down at Quicken on my desktop, which I don't normally do until the weekend. When I get paid on a Monday I'm in the dark all week unless I find the time to fire up my Desktop Quicken, which is slow.

I don't need or want to edit the paycheck for all time in the mobile app. I just want to edit the values for the paycheck I'm entering, like when I enter it from the reminder on the desktop version. It shouldn't be hard to do.

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