Saving Goals don't add up to parent account, yet I balance with bank.

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This is not a big deal, but wonder why, doesn't seem to be affecting anything, doubt most folks would notice or even check.

I have two checking accounts, one has a single saving goal. The other checking account has 3 saving goals.

Today I was in the checking account with ONE saving goal and I unchecked the "show saving goals transaction in register….." So the balance in register should have matched the right hand column under all the accounts listed. It didn't it was $9.84 higher in register. I wouldn't have even noticed if there had been more than one saving goal.

Then I checked the other checking account with THREE saving goals with the show saving goal transaction…. unchecked. I added up the 3 saving goals under accounts on right side of screen and it was $9.84 lower than register.

Strange there are separate checking accounts with one having only 1 saving goal and the other has 3 saving goals. Also, I checked with online bank and everything has cleared and the register balances with the bank balance. Also each month I always balance when doing reconciliations.

It seems to me saving goals should add up to match. Also strange one checking is higher and the other lower and by the same amount- yet I balance with the bank. I must have done something wrong at some point in time, been using SG since DOS. I have deleted SG over the years when they had a zero balance and no longer needed.

I should also add, Super Validate shows no errors.

Any ideas why I am seeing this?

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