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As of recent, Quicken will not download my bank transactions. My other accounts, credit cards, download fine. But I have to log in to my bank account and manually export the transactions to Quicken. It didn't use to be this way and has just started recently. But it's got me looking into other software. Help!


  • UKR
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    Please provide more details.

    • What edition level (Starter Edition, Deluxe, etc.), version and release of Quicken (R xx.xx or R x.x.x) are you using? Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to determine year/version and release. You must be on the latest release (patch) level for your supported Quicken Subscription version. If you're missing patches, update your software first.
    • US, Canadian or other international version of Quicken?
    • Is your subscription still active? Or is it expired?
    • What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?
    • What error codes, error messages, symptoms do you get?
    • What bank(s) are you having issues with?
    • What account types (checking, savings, etc.) are you having issues with?
    • How frequently do you download using One Step Update or "Update Now"?
    • Does this problem occur when you run One Step Update (Mac: update all accounts) from your desktop/laptop or when you initiate a download using the Quicken Mobile App or Quicken on the Web?
    • What have you tried so far to resolve the issue?

  • SJSquared
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    Quicken Deluxe R48.18 Build

    US, Windows 11

    No error codes. The transactions just don't download. I know that they are there because I see them when I log into my banking app, but they don't download.

    Delta Community Credit Union

    I probably download every day.

    I don't use the mobile app. So all the issues come from using my laptop.

    I have reset the accounts multiple times. Deleted and readded.

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