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I realize this is a Board for Quicken issues…but hopefully all will allow this deviation becuase indirectly….the issue I am writing about started when Quicken parted its way With DirectConnect at BofA.

Simply put, my experience has been the BofA Online Banking Site since October when DirectConnect was terminated and switched to EWC+….at times can really be SLOW. This goes for just getting the site to open to enter your ID and Password…to moving around inside the site. Doing Transfers between your accts, at times I sit watching that dreaded Blue circle circling. Using Chrome, I have cleared cache, History, etc…I have cleared Temp Files…on my PC I have even cleared DNS Cache. I have NOT experienced this slowdown at any other site Banking or otherwise. Speaking with BofA….well you know what I heard, the problem is on my side. The Bank will never admit slowness is at their end. Heck, I have even reBooted my Modem and Router…and I have a 400Dn Internet service. I have tried using Edge, same exact behavior.

So my discussion is to see if others are experiencing at times…a slowness at the BofA Online Banking site…it just cannot be Just me. As aside, EWC+…its as slow as ever, but that is the process that takes place to collect and download Transactions.


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    The B of A site is as fast as ever for me using Firefox in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Perhaps you're landing on a different server. Where are you located?

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