Capital One 360 Accounts - need to reauthorize to work - get CC-901 error ?

BevB Member

What’s with Capital One 360 downloading my transactions? Suddenly, a few weeks ago, I started receiving error code 901 stating I needed to reauthorize my accounts.

When I click the button to reauthorize, I get the Capital One login screen, enter my info and then I am taken to a blank screen that later states there is an issue. When I return to Quicken it tells me there was a connectivity issue and the update failed. When I go to close that screen a new one pops up stating, “Success” which is not true because as soon as I try to reconnect I get the 901 error AGAIN!

I went to Quicken Help which talks about the “known error” and followed the advice up to and including ensuring no longer have a link established to Quicken in my Cap360 accounts and deactivating/reactivating the accounts but I still get the same 901 error.

Capital One cannot help with the problem. I have Quicken Premier. I've been working on this issue for weeks hoping to resolve it but to no avail. Then I keep hoping that with all the “updates” Quicken keeps releasing that the issue will be resolved. Well hope ‘definitely springs eternal” because nothing, nada, zip has happened.

How do I correct this issue/problem as I read it originally popped up in 2022. Here we are in 2023 and the same issue is still occurring and my accounts are getting horribly out of date.

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