Fix one-step update missing accounts

When using the One-step Update for my accounts today, I found that none of my accounts were listed. Only the quotes item was present.

I went to my account settings, and verified that all the accounts still had the update option enabled. To try to fix things, I went to the settings for one account (my primary checking account) and under the Online Services tab, I clicked Reset Account. That went through the online authorization at the bank.

After that, I brought back up the One-step Update, and then I saw all my accounts listed. However, the passwords for all the investment accounts were missing. I had to laboriously copy each one from my password manager into the Quicken form.

I entered all passwords and rand the update. But the transactions downloaded included a bunch of really old ones, mostly over a year old, which had already been entered. I made the mistake of accepting these in one account, which ended up with duplicate transactions that now I have to delete. I will also need to delete all the old transactions in other accounts that I haven't accepted.

But apparently there is no way to delete the unaccepted transactions from the downloaded list. This is very frustrating—having to click each old transaction individually and delete it. All this compounds my frustrations with Quicken. I pay every three years or less for their software that has not gotten easier to use or significantly more useful in twenty years.

Does anyone know any way to delete these downloaded transactions in bulk? And was there a better way to fix the missing accounts from the update page?

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