Cost basis wrong Vanguard

rbrubaker Member

I am a newbie trying out Quicken. I connected my Vanguard Brokerage accounts but the cost basis and capital gains ytd are completely wrong. This was why I wanted Quicken. Any idea what is happening? If this is a common issue I think I'll cancel Quicken


  • Mark1104
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    I use Vanguard without issue.

    1. on the cost basis; this will only be accurate if all the history of every trade you ever made is downloaded and accurately reflected which lots were used and which ones were not. This is unlikely.
    2. on the capital gains, unless #1 is correct, this won't be accurate.

    if these are IRAs, the cost basis really doesn't matter. Cost basis is only required to determine capital gains for tax purposes.

    Is the number of shares reflected in Q match Vanguard? if yes, then there is a placeholder transaction that had to be broken down to match each open lot in Vanguard with the appropriate cost basis.

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