Quicken expired - want to keep historical data and move to using data with Quicken 2016/2017

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    I'm struggling with a few questions regarding moving back to earlier Quicken versions mentioned here.

    I've been using Subscription Quicken Home, Busn & Rental since 2017. Even though I have never used any Quicken online services, I have found the subscription version a reasonably good value up until now. However, I'm now retired on fixed income, have closed my small business, sold the rental house and the estate I manage will soon be closed. So from this point on I really can't justify $120.00/yr when I literally will no longer be actively using most of the features of this version of Quicken.

    My subscription expired last month. I find the renewal banners to be not too objectionable and plan to just continue with the expired status for the rest of 2023. After 2023 I will need to continue to have access to all of that six years of the primary subscription version data file as historical reference for business and estate taxes, legal matters, etc. The renewal banners would not bother me at all when occasionally having to refer to historical reports.

    However.... I don't want to continue to use that same data file for day-to-day book-keeping for 2024 and beyond. There are dozens of accounts, categories, and tags that I will no longer be using to enter new transactions. Also, the category list in that file is so large Quicken can't/won't correctly display some of it in the small category selection window in the report customization window. That is very annoying.

    In order to create a new data file for 2024 and beyond, I would need to renew my subscription. My 2024 and future needs would easily be satisfied with the Deluxe version at its lower cost but I don't really want to do that. I want the historical data file to have all the program features it was created with.

    I'm trying to decide what to do for 2024 and beyond. If at all possible I don't want to have to deal with two different versions of Quicken.

    Prior to Subscription Quicken, I purchased Quicken 2016 H&B in late 2015 from Amazon. It was installed on three PC's that I still have and use so I was able to salvage all of the Intuit\Quicken\Config folders and files. Also, back in the day I purchased and still have Quicken 2014. However, given that I have the 2016/2017 Intuit config files, perhaps Quicken 2016 is my best option. It can read the historical subscription data file without renewal banners for archive purposes --and-- it would allow me to create and use new non-subscription data files (I think?) for 2024 and beyond. Everything I need could be done with just one version of Quicken.

    Using the very helpful info in this thread I decided to experiment with the least important of my three computers. On that PC I was able to get Subscription Quicken uninstalled and version 2016 and the Mondo Patch 19.5 all installed and seemingly operating OK. All of this was done with internet access turned off. I can now even open my primary Subscription Version data file without ID sign-in or internet access in general.

    I have not opened Quicken 2016 while online nor attempted to create a new file with internet access turned on. I'm paranoid about possibly accidentally creating some licensing issue that would not let me go back to Subscription Quicken on all three computers if I need to. I think all would be OK but thought it best to ask for help first.

    When I create a new file while offline, Quicken 2016 creates the file but does not allow access to it. It says...

    Please check internet connection and retry. Error: NameNotResolved

    Is this what should be occurring --or-- should I be able to create a new data file without being online or logging in to my ID?

    Assuming I would need to be online in order to create a new data file, am I correct in assuming my current newly-installed Quicken 2016 installation is still non-subscription --like it was back in 2016/2017-- even though it is using my New Quicken Company (Non-Intuit Quicken) user name and password? If it is a non-subscription installation, it would seem to me that if I turn on internet access and log in, it would fully create and allow access to the new file even though my Quicken Company subscription is expired. This, unlike my Subscription Quicken version, which will not allow me to create and access a new file unless I renew my subscription. Is this all correct?

    Regarding Quicken 2014 as an option --and I do realize it can't open subscription version data files-- many people say Quicken 2013 is the last version that is free of mandatory Intuit ID requirements. However, as far as I know Quicken 2013 does not show bill/income reminders in the actual check registers. This is a deal-breaker for me. I consider that a mandatory feature for planning purposes.

    Quicken 2014 does show the reminders in registers. Fortunately, as I understand it, the actual mandatory ID requirement did not begin until mid-year in 2014. Is this correct? Could I install Quicken 2014 from my original CD and then install whatever Mondo Patch originally occurred just prior to ID implementation? Would this give me reminders in registers without ID requirement?

    Thanks for any help.

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