Bill Reminders - limit the entry from going out 3 months from now, just the next month or two?

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I have a bill reminder for the 30th of every month, with entry 6 days before it is due. Is there a way to stop the Upcoming entry from appearing for each month for the next 4 months? I do not want to be warned it is upcoming in the register so far ahead of time.

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    HI @Erskine

    I am having some difficulty understanding exactly what you would like to do. Generally, if you setup a bill reminder to repeat every month, it will do just that. If you have a current need to skip the "next 4 months", Quicken doesn't have a specific way to accomplish that task (probably because it isn't a case that most users encounter often). As a work-around, you could simply "skip" the reminders for each month as they appear in your "Bill and Income Reminders", or could edit the reminder and set the next due date to the 4 months hence payment date.


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    Which particular Quicken view are you looking at? The account register? One of the other Bills & Income Reminders views?

    If in the register, what's your setting for "Show reminders for next xx days"? This will determine how far in advance future instances of scheduled reminders will show in the register as if they were real register transactions already.

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