Can't reconnect my accounts for download


After a Hellish🔥session with support this afternoon trying to resolve synch issues with Quicken Mobile, which did not work (ticket .10227762)😡they had me restore from a backup, and when doing this it resulted in the credentials (acct #'s and passwords) being cleared form ALL of my online accounts. Needless to say this is a tremendous problem, I am dead in the water with bills to pay and transactions to download and reconcile. When I go to the account list and click "activate downloads" I am taken to a screen to "Set Up Now" When I click on that I get a message that says "<insert financial institution name> needs you to authorize you accounts" When I click on "Sign In" I then get the "Sign in Failed" Error message. Its the same thing no matter who, Chase, Capital One, BOA… Screen shots below

What is the Problem? all acct #'s and passwords are loaded correctly. Quicken is Killing me

Help Help Help Help😫💥

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