The value of my brokerage account is displayed incorrectly

Chris Wolke
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Hello all,

I am from Germany and have recently purchased Quicken. So my default currency is Euro.

When I add securities, I enter the value of the transaction in Euro, unfortunately there is no Frankfurt Stock Exchange data for my securities, so I use the price feeds from the USA. So the value of my buy order is correctly displayed in Euro, the current value is displayed with a € but it is a USD amount which is not converted into Euro. As a result, the current values of my portfolio positions are not correctly displayed in Euro. Is there any way that these values are also converted to Euro?

In the attached screenshot, the current market value is given at €680 euros. However, the actual market value (in euros) is €616, which is in line with the current EUR/USD exchange rate.

Looking forward to some answers from you,

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